Leader Agreements

(All leader candidates will be required to affirm before God that they agree to abide by the policies stated below. These documents will arrive by US Mail and signed documents must be on file with Teen Missions prior to service. )

molumen-Exclamation-icons-1 (1)Non-Discrimination Statement: Acceptance and participation in the program is the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin or gender.

Specific Limitations: The purpose of Teen Missions teams is for ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church, not sightseeing or shopping. Any available sightseeing and shopping will be permitted only if it coincides with the team’s main purpose, but could be canceled if not deemed convenient for travel, time or if it hinders the ministry of the team. Contributions equal to involvement expense are based on November costs and are subject to increase. Dates, travel arrangements and schedules are subject to change. Teams or teens may be switched in the event of any crisis—political, natural, mission-related or for disciplinary reasons. All registrations and contributions are for the worldwide ministry of Teen Missions (not team members) and are non-refundable, non-transferable and not carried over for another year or other individuals based on IRS guidelines. Note: Your participation on a Teen Missions team constitutes permission for your name and picture to be used in Teen Missions publications. In the event of any cancellation (including no shows) after May 1, team member/leader may be held liable for airline penalty or entire cost of airfare and administration fee. In the event of political unrest, natural disaster or a problem with the hosting mission, Teen Missions decides if and where to send a team. In the event that a team is canceled for any reason or does not fill, team members will be assigned by Teen Missions to another team which may or may not be in the same area of the world. Contributions are not refunded. Teen Missions is a highly disciplined organization with regulations in many areas including conduct, dress and Christian testimony. These are explained in the General and Team Fact Sheets and in other information to team members, leaders and staff. Any member involved with drugs or sexual immorality, according to Biblical standards, (including fornication, adultery, homosexuality and premarital sex) will be sent home at team member’s and/or parents’ expense, without granting any clemency, so as not to destroy the testimony of the team or mission with which we are working. Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, stealing or open rebellion will not be tolerated. Legally married couples are accepted as leaders ONLY, not as team members. Living quarters are provided for them as husband and wife. Due to the no pairing off policy, dating or engaged couples may not go on the same team as team members (or leaders). Team members, leaders and staff adhere strictly to Teen Missions policies and are subject to dismissal for disobedience, without refund or reimbursement. Team members, leaders and staff serve at their own risk, and Teen Missions is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, terrorist acts or for transportation or any other expense beyond that of the normal team involvement.